Friday, 8 January 2016

New Year Resoloutions

So it has been a while.... a long while but that's okay everyone falls off the face of the blogger 'sphere' once in a while right? No? Just me? Anyway I need to get into the routine of writing more but life just gets in the way and BOOM before you know it you're writing yet another 'where I was' post. Enough of the negatives and on to the positives! New Year Resolutions! Overdone... maybe but important? Definitely! So here are mine for the year!
1. Blog More! Obviously but I'm not just talking rambling posts when I remember to actually sit down and log on to my blog. I mean well thought out content for you guys to enjoy! It also means being more involved in the blogging community so if you have a blog leave me a comment with your blog link I would love to head over and have a look. 
2. Self Care! I am so bad for never treating myself, I'm always thinking 'oh I just can't justify that' and the truth is I can (and so can you). If you work hard you deserve a treat whether that is a new pair of shoes, a cinema trip or a lush bath bomb.
3. Live my Life! When uni is difficult and it's cold outside and you're tired it's so easy to just stay in and want to do nothing. This year I want to fight that! I want to get out and have new experiences, push my limits and step out of my comfort zone!
Those are just 3 of many resolutions I could have chosen, what ones did you choose? Let me know in the comments.
Speak Soon! Kirsty x

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