Friday, 8 January 2016

New Year Resoloutions

So it has been a while.... a long while but that's okay everyone falls off the face of the blogger 'sphere' once in a while right? No? Just me? Anyway I need to get into the routine of writing more but life just gets in the way and BOOM before you know it you're writing yet another 'where I was' post. Enough of the negatives and on to the positives! New Year Resolutions! Overdone... maybe but important? Definitely! So here are mine for the year!
1. Blog More! Obviously but I'm not just talking rambling posts when I remember to actually sit down and log on to my blog. I mean well thought out content for you guys to enjoy! It also means being more involved in the blogging community so if you have a blog leave me a comment with your blog link I would love to head over and have a look. 
2. Self Care! I am so bad for never treating myself, I'm always thinking 'oh I just can't justify that' and the truth is I can (and so can you). If you work hard you deserve a treat whether that is a new pair of shoes, a cinema trip or a lush bath bomb.
3. Live my Life! When uni is difficult and it's cold outside and you're tired it's so easy to just stay in and want to do nothing. This year I want to fight that! I want to get out and have new experiences, push my limits and step out of my comfort zone!
Those are just 3 of many resolutions I could have chosen, what ones did you choose? Let me know in the comments.
Speak Soon! Kirsty x

Monday, 3 November 2014

The Perfect 'Berry' For Any Occasion

It's Winter, well at least it is here in Scotland, in fact maybe it's still Autumn I'm really not sure. However whichever season it is, winter or autumn, one thing is the same and that is getting out the berry lip colours. Today I bring you a post that covers my 'Berry Toned' picks which covers every finish and budget both of which should be taken into consideration when choosing the perfect 'Berry' for you.

You can see how well loved these are from the packaging
 From left to right we have: Revlon Lip Butter in the shade 'Macaroon' which is a fairly hydrating lip colour and has very good colour pay off. It its quite a light pink berry shade which I feel is very easy and comfortable to wear. Next is Collection Lipstick in the shade 'Revenge' which I have just discovered was limited edition sorry guys however this is a very dark toned colour and is very glossy meaning it can be a bit treacherous to wear. We then have Maybelline Super Stay 10h Tint gloss in the shade 'Lasting Pink' I believe and is the one I would recommend to those who are just starting out in wearing this bold lip trend as it is slightly more sheer than the rest and is not as much of a commitment as the other lipsticks. Finally we have the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in the shade '107' which is the classic deep berry and wears extremely well as it is a matte colour plus it is so pigmented.

Even though they are all classed as berry they are all so different
 Pricing from left to right: The Revlon Lip Butters come in at around £7.99 each but are often part of a promotion in boots and superdrug. Although discontinued the Collection lipstick was around £2.99 when I purchased it last year and this brand does have other berry shades similar for the same price point. The Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick is £5.49 and a personal favourite when it comes for quality and value for money. And although not pictured I believe the Maybelline Tint Gloss was around £6.99 when I purchased it (I can't seem to find a price on the boots website but have seen these recently in shops).

Sorry it is slightly out of focus trying to work a DSLR one handed can be tricky
Here you can see all the different tones and shades each lip product gives off plus the glossiness of the finish. All are good but in the sense of which I would pick for: Value, Price and longevity of wear my personal favourite would have to be '107' Kate Moss Lipstick by Rimmel.
What's your favourite berry lipstick for the colder months?

Kirsty x

Sunday, 26 October 2014

MAC Lipstick Collection

By no ones standards, especially not beauty bloggers, do I have a large collection of MAC lipsticks but I thought I would share my little trio. I bought my first MAC lipstick when I was 16, and received the other two as gifts along the way.

Don't you just love how sleek the packaging is?
 I think what makes MAC lipsticks so desirable to us is 1. The packaging. Lets not lie now half the beauty of having a MAC lipstick is pulling out the sleek little bugger from your handbag and having everyone know that you use the same brand that the mighty Kim K is known for loving. 

So pretty just so so pretty
 2. Is the sheer array of colours and formulas which is on offer! I mean their collections are insane as are the colour pay offs. In the middle is 'Hue' Which is a glaze finish and as you can see is my most used one out of the three. It is just so sheer and beautiful it can give my face the pick me up it sometimes needs on a bad day. 

Can see by the worn label which one spends the most time in the depths of my handbag
 More on the formulas, all mine are different which was completely unintentional. First off we have an 'Amplified' finish which is extremely pigmented and the colour payoff is immense. Next there is the 'Glaze' finish which is very sheer however it still gives colour to the lips and a nice colour but I personally think it gives a more lip gloss style sheerness. And lastly we have the 'Cremesheen' still extremely pigmented with great colour payoff just not as intense as the amplified finish.

Some cheeky photo editing to put the names next to the swatch how fancy right?
Lastly just some swatches for you all, as I said earlier 'Hue' is my all time favorite and the one I wear the most. My next most worn is 'Shy Girl' which is one I will reach for if I want a warmer nude colour. And my least favourite out the three is 'Vegas Volt' I just can't decide if I actually like it or not, sometimes I think "Hey this actually looks quite good" then other times I think "Oh my goodness I look like a clown". 
What's your favourite MAC lipstick? And what formula do you prefer?

Kirsty x

A Pizza & A Movie

From earlier posts you can see that my boyfriend had come to visit me for the weekend and before he headed back home we decided to have a typical 'Us Night In'.
When we first started dating back in the day we would always curl up on the sofa in his living room with some takeout food and watch the TV. Now I don't have a TV at university but I do have netflix which is amazing! I absolutely recommend!

Dominos pizza, Pepsi and ASDA smart price garlic bread

As you can see from the pizza it doesn't have cheese on it. I'm actually dairy intollerant so have to have cheeseless pizza which seems to horrify most people but hey ho you get on in life. Also the garlic bread has no milk in it (a win for me I LOVE garlic bread but can only eat the one kind). 

OMG looks so tasty if slightly lonely without some cheese

Close up of what we got toppings wise: so we got a BBQ sauce base (YUMMY) and then five toppings cause we're greedy. I chose the bacon and the tandoori chicken which I have to say is like my favorite combination. And the boyfriend chose the pepperoni, ham and the sausage stuff. He hates any type of vegetables so if we ever share a pizza it always has to be some kind of meat feast.

Artsy shot for effect. I think I have cute drinking glasses though.

So we stuck on the movie 'Pretty Women' which I had never got round to watching before and I can't understand why it took me so long! It was a brilliant movie not just a standard romcom. Even the boyfriend enjoyed it and said he'd watch it again so keep that in mind girls it has a mans approval.
It was such a lovely night in and to make it even better I had a voucher for dominos so got a large pizza for a fiver! Plus a £1 for the pepsi and 34p for the garlic bread so it was very economical too when you're a poor student like me.

Kirsty x

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Day Out In Edinburgh

So I don't care if its still October I personally love the fact that the shops are starting to get all their Christmas stock in. Today I had the most wonderful of days traipsing the length of Princes Street and back again making stops of course in every shop along the way. 
The boyfriend was very sneaky and even managed to get one of my Christmas presents (he sent me out the shop before he bought it so I have no clue what he picked) but I'm still beating him in Christmas organisation so it is fine.

A sandwich, a bag of crisps and a bottle of cola not bad for £3 is it?

I swear these are as good as kettle chips! 
 Not only that but I had the cutest of picnics with the boyfriend in Princes Street gardens, which although cold and windy, was still adorable and romantic. Nothing like eating a Tesco meal deal on a wooden bench if you ask me.
It was great just to spend time with the person I love the most, and since moving to universtity I don't get to see him as much so I jump at every opportunity to do something lovely with him.

Kirsty x

Friday, 24 October 2014

Lets Get These Formalities Out of The Way

Hello All! I'm Kirsty the person who clickity clacks the keys on her laptop to bring you all this blog. As you can guess I'm 18 years old and to be honest, although I would have argued with you a couple years ago, life does certainly begin at 18. I'm at university studying nutrition thus have moved out and live in the gorgeous city known as Edinburgh. 
I can't exactly tell you what to expect from this blog because I'm not entirely sure myself but I can promise you some entertainment in the form of just how hilarious my experiences can sound to others.
So to keep up to date click that little follow button and be sure to comment because I love speaking to new people and finding new blogs to read! 
Lots of Love

Kirsty x