Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Pizza & A Movie

From earlier posts you can see that my boyfriend had come to visit me for the weekend and before he headed back home we decided to have a typical 'Us Night In'.
When we first started dating back in the day we would always curl up on the sofa in his living room with some takeout food and watch the TV. Now I don't have a TV at university but I do have netflix which is amazing! I absolutely recommend!

Dominos pizza, Pepsi and ASDA smart price garlic bread

As you can see from the pizza it doesn't have cheese on it. I'm actually dairy intollerant so have to have cheeseless pizza which seems to horrify most people but hey ho you get on in life. Also the garlic bread has no milk in it (a win for me I LOVE garlic bread but can only eat the one kind). 

OMG looks so tasty if slightly lonely without some cheese

Close up of what we got toppings wise: so we got a BBQ sauce base (YUMMY) and then five toppings cause we're greedy. I chose the bacon and the tandoori chicken which I have to say is like my favorite combination. And the boyfriend chose the pepperoni, ham and the sausage stuff. He hates any type of vegetables so if we ever share a pizza it always has to be some kind of meat feast.

Artsy shot for effect. I think I have cute drinking glasses though.

So we stuck on the movie 'Pretty Women' which I had never got round to watching before and I can't understand why it took me so long! It was a brilliant movie not just a standard romcom. Even the boyfriend enjoyed it and said he'd watch it again so keep that in mind girls it has a mans approval.
It was such a lovely night in and to make it even better I had a voucher for dominos so got a large pizza for a fiver! Plus a £1 for the pepsi and 34p for the garlic bread so it was very economical too when you're a poor student like me.

Kirsty x

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