Sunday, 26 October 2014

MAC Lipstick Collection

By no ones standards, especially not beauty bloggers, do I have a large collection of MAC lipsticks but I thought I would share my little trio. I bought my first MAC lipstick when I was 16, and received the other two as gifts along the way.

Don't you just love how sleek the packaging is?
 I think what makes MAC lipsticks so desirable to us is 1. The packaging. Lets not lie now half the beauty of having a MAC lipstick is pulling out the sleek little bugger from your handbag and having everyone know that you use the same brand that the mighty Kim K is known for loving. 

So pretty just so so pretty
 2. Is the sheer array of colours and formulas which is on offer! I mean their collections are insane as are the colour pay offs. In the middle is 'Hue' Which is a glaze finish and as you can see is my most used one out of the three. It is just so sheer and beautiful it can give my face the pick me up it sometimes needs on a bad day. 

Can see by the worn label which one spends the most time in the depths of my handbag
 More on the formulas, all mine are different which was completely unintentional. First off we have an 'Amplified' finish which is extremely pigmented and the colour payoff is immense. Next there is the 'Glaze' finish which is very sheer however it still gives colour to the lips and a nice colour but I personally think it gives a more lip gloss style sheerness. And lastly we have the 'Cremesheen' still extremely pigmented with great colour payoff just not as intense as the amplified finish.

Some cheeky photo editing to put the names next to the swatch how fancy right?
Lastly just some swatches for you all, as I said earlier 'Hue' is my all time favorite and the one I wear the most. My next most worn is 'Shy Girl' which is one I will reach for if I want a warmer nude colour. And my least favourite out the three is 'Vegas Volt' I just can't decide if I actually like it or not, sometimes I think "Hey this actually looks quite good" then other times I think "Oh my goodness I look like a clown". 
What's your favourite MAC lipstick? And what formula do you prefer?

Kirsty x


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    1. When I can make it work I think its stunning :) xx

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    1. It's my all time favourite I would recommend most people to invest in it xx

  3. Oh dear, I love MAC <3<3 great post!
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